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SENSE-ational Mealtimes by Gillian Griffiths and Denise Stapleton helps parents and caregivers make SENSE of tricky mealtime behaviour, fussy/picky eating and feeding difficulties.

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SENSE-ational Mealtimes explains that the sounds, smells, sights, types of touch, movement, temperatures, tastes and textures we avoid, are bothered by, tolerate, love and seek are based on our genetics, the sensory thresholds in our brain, our feelings and interactions, our surroundings and our previous experiences and memories.

Parents and caregivers can use SENSE-ational Mealtimes to help them continually tune in to and empathise with their child’s SENSORY experiences and feelings at mealtimes. This approach helps bring delight and pleasure to the most difficult of family mealtimes and the fussiest of eaters!

Gillian Griffiths is an Occupational Therapist and Dr Denise Stapleton is an Accredited Practising Dietitian. Gillian and Denise have combined their extensive experience and expertise to bring new possibilities to clinicians and families with mild and complex mealtime difficulties.