The authors


Meet Gillian


ZZ45CBAD0DGillian Griffiths is an Occupational Therapist with 14 years experience as a senior practitioner, program manager, consultant and facilitator of professional development and caregiver programs. Gillian has extensive training from the USA and Australia in Sensory Processing; Picky Eaters vs Problem Feeders: The Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding; Infant Mental Health; Family Partnerships; Circle of Security; Trauma; The Developmental Individual Difference, Relationship Based Approach (DIR)/Floortime, Perceive, Recall, Plan Perform; Therapeutic Listening and Infant Massage. Gillian uses her vast experience and a broad range of evidence to make SENSE of complex mealtime difficulties.

Gillian is co-director of Engaging Your Senses. She supports teams and professionals across Australia and internationally to provide effective, holistic services for the whole family. Gillian is passionate about enabling families to experience nourishing and harmonious mealtimes.


Meet Denise

ZZ3F228D2DDr Denise Stapleton
is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist with 27 years experience in nutrition and research. Denise passionately supports families with varying mealtime difficulties and therapeutic dietary needs throughout Australia as a private practitioner, senior community dietitian, researcher, author and mentor. Denise has training in Picky Eaters vs Problem Feeders: The Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding and Making SENSE of the Senses. Denise collaborates nationally and internationally with professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who are supporting families with mealtime difficulties.

Denise worked for many years as a paediatric dietitian in a children’s hospital and she contributed significantly to national nutritional care guidelines for children with various conditions. During this time, Denise received numerous awards, grants and a PhD for her initiatives in cystic fibrosis and pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy. When Denise joined with Gillian, they began anticipating new possibilities that their combined expertise would bring to families with mealtime difficulties.