More ways SENSE-ational Mealitimes Mealtimes is helping families
“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that (we) found out about your book. The sensory aspects sit well with me as they are very like the brain’s response to pain (at a central level) and behaviours that manifest around those signals, ie I really think where you come from is more progressive and up to date than the old theories and approaches from others we have sought help from. It really gels with my thinking about (our son’s) behaviour and where I think we need to come from in addressing his attitudes towards mealtimes and food in a positive and sensitive way”. 
  (mum and dad of a 9 month old)
“We have found ourselves referring our families to your book and we want to thank you for this fantastic resource”.
 (occupational therapist)


“Your book is fantastic! It is almost like a decoder to (my son’s) personality! I finally get it. We are no longer arguing over food. I can see how he would see it as fighting. I would just call it monitoring. He is opening up a lot more to me about how he feels so this is just so positive for him, me and the rest of the family.”
(mum of a 4 year old)


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