About the Book

It is likely that you are interested in our SENSE-ational Mealitimes Mealtimes book because you know a child who struggles to enjoy family mealtimes. You are not alone, as nearly half of families with young children experience difficulties around mealtimes that are often accompanied by feelings of frustration, confusion, annoyance, worry, distress and anger.

SENSE-ational Mealitimes Mealtimes is for you if your child:
• eats few foods
• refuses entire food groups
• will not eat family meals
• becomes anxious, has tantrums or gags when presented with new food
• finds security in a particular food being present at every meal.

When typical strategies for managing tricky mealtime behaviours, fussy/picky eating, a fear of new food and feeding problems do not work, SENSE-ational Mealitimes Mealtimes might be helpful.

Using your expertise in relation to your child, we hope this book helps you
SENSE-itively tune in, acknowledge, empathise with and label your own and your child’s feelings and sensory preferences around mealtimes. These insights will help you think of new possibilities for increasing the range of nutritious food your child accepts and enjoys.